I have a lot of friends who are addicted to K-Drama. I myself had been infected by this plague20130729_Picture-of-Park-Bom-Sandara-Park-watching-first-run-of-Running-Man of Korean  awesomeness, and I literally live for it! There are times when I buy clothes similar to Bok joo or Dara, obsess over Laniege Lip Bars and listen to K-Drama OSTs once in a while. However, since I work in the morning, I can’t seem to fathom how I can watch K-Drama  at night till the wee hours and not feel sleepy in the morning. So I observed and asked a few friends of mine on how to master the art of watching K-Dramas, and these are what the professionals has to say:

1. Choose a K-Drama. Here are a few K-Dramas that I personally recommend.

Image result for goblin series Goblin

lee-jin-ah-weightlifting-fairy-kim-bok-joo-ost-part-7-lyricsWeightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

The-Legend-of-the-Blue-Sea-2Legend of the Blue Sea

descendants-of-the-sun-p1-570a17576023bd430966fe2d-570a3f5d907a61a30701b5cf-585c0a05d192734d31cf2b2cDescendants of the Sun

Image result for romance full of lifeRomance Full of Life

Image result for let's fight ghostLet’s Fight Ghost

Image result for page turnerPage Turner

Related imageImaginary Cat

2. Know where to watch your K-Drama. There are a lot of websites where you can find free full episodes of your favorite Korean Drama. In my case, I watch at http://www.dramalike.tv They’re updated with the latest Korean films and series. 

3. Start bingeing at around 8:00pm  so you can finish at around 11pm.

Image result for GIF watching tv korean

4. Limit yourself to 3 episodes a day so you won’t have to stay up late.

TIP: When you’re on your 3rd episode, stop at the middle of that episode and turn your gadget off. The inevitable tendency of every K-drama binger is every time they finish an episode they get TEMPTED AND CURIOUS about what gonna happen next. Therefore, pausing midway the episode can help you to not be tempted to watch another episode. Don’t stay up late, girl! We don’t want baggy eyes. (You’re welcome.)

Image result for GIF  korean drama

5. Sleep and dream about your Korean hunk. 

Related image


6. Don’t BINGE EAT while K-Drama Bingeing! C’mon girls! Let’s stay fit so we can watch more K-DRAMAAAAAS!

Image result for GIF  korean eating


Hey, K-Drama queen! Any additional tips? Comment below!



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