My mom and  aunts had been supportive with my make-up addiction. My mom would always buy me make-up even if I can buy my own cosmetics already, she always initiates these make-up shopping sprees every time we visit the mall.  My aunts on the other hand, would always buy me a bag of cosmetics every time they come to the Philippines for vacation from Canada and America. Therefore, these people really keeps me updated with the different independent and organic brands that are trending in the Philippines and abroad. What I love about their packages are the amount of various make-up primers they put in it.

Ever since I knew about primers, I could never wear make-up without applying it first. The feeling is just so different, especially if you’re really using a primer that does what it says it would do. It makes applying your foundation a breeze! It makes your face feel soft and refined. So now I will tell you all about the primers that I had been using all these years, my all time favorite primer,  and give you a little review of these products.

(my skin type is oily especially my T-zone area)


ca14f0f79747ecdae458d4c428e2aec3.jpgPrime Time by bareMinerals – This is one of my favorite primers, it really makes your skin feel smooth and refined, also it has a very mild scent, in fact it seems like it has no smell at all. The primer itself though feels oily or greasy, but it dries easily once you blend it on your face.

2218412Cover Girl x Olay Primer – I didn’t use this for a long time because when  I started using it, pimples started to appear on my face. Maybe it doesn’t really match my skin type, and that’s why it didn’t work for me. What I like about this product is that it feels like your just applying a lite-non-sticky moisturizer, however once you blend it in your face, it doesn’t feel as smooth as when I apply Prime Time and the Porefessional. This primer also kind of tighten your skin a little.


s-l225 Nature Republic Illuminating Base – The reason why I love this product is because it goes well with my foundation cushions. It adds vibrant shine on my face, which I like because my goal is to have that “Korean” kind of glow. It almost has the same consistency as the OlayCG Primer, but it gives my skin a more soft and poreless effect.


2219868The POREfessional by BeneFit – This is my favorite primer! It makes your face feel like a babies butt cheeks. FOR REAL. It makes your skin soooooo soft, tight, poreless and refined. I really love the fact that you don’t even have to put too much product on your face to feel and see it’s magic, it saves your skin and your money as well. This primer is worth every penny. No acne breakouts, just smooth skin. 🙂


So what’s your favorite primer? Comment yours below!




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