Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always loved eating spaghetti. As a matter of fact, it is my favorite food in the world! It doesn’t matter if it’s in white, red or oil, I will definitely eat it. Apparently it’s not just Spaghetti that I love, any pasta for that matter, for me is the best thing that has ever happened to human race.

One hot afternoon, while I was walking on the footbridge from BTS Chidlom to Central World I suddenly realized that I haven’t had lunch yet. My tummy worms are protesting, they’re demanding to be fed delicious food. And so I decided to eat at Spaghetti Factory. I had the chance of looking into their menu a couple of times before, but I have never dined there yet. And as a pasta connoisseur I always knew that I HAVE to eat there ASAP!

And so the day has come, and I went in and ordered the following:

1. Lasagne alla Funghi (ลาซานญ่าเห็ด) 


The lasagna tastes okay for me. I love the fact that it has a thick layer of béchamel and mozzarella cheese. Though, I kind of want my lasagna to be a bit sweet and little salty, because this order is a bit bland for my taste. But overall, the pasta was cooked well, the garnishing looks cute and the serving tray gives me a very homey vibe.

Ciaraventure rating: (7/10)

2. Garlic Bread (ขนมปังกระเทียม) 


This garlic bread is the BOMB. It only costs ฿80, and I think it pretty reasonable because it tastes so good!

Ciaraventure rating: (15/10) HAHA.

3. Coffee Caramel Shake

17349455_10208884478535574_1484215949_o                I enjoyed this beverage because it’s not overpriced, considering the fact that the glass is BIG and TALL. I wasn’t able to finish the glass as I was too full already. But I would definitely order this again.

Ciaraventure rating: (10/10)

So far I am satisfied, and I want to taste everything on their menu so I would definitely go back to this awesome restaurant.

If you want to visit this restaurant, I’m going to post their website link here: http://www.spaghetti-factory.com/


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