Last December, I bought myself a Cathy Doll AA Matte Powder Cushion (฿395 ) at Watson’s Drugstore, and after applying the foundation on my face, I was so shoooooked! It gave my skin a certain kind of glow that suddenly gave me that “Korean” vibe radiating on my dear face, It didn’t trigger my acne nor Cathy Doll.jpghave any unpleasant side effects, so ever since that day, I impelled myself to look for the best cushion foundation there is to find.

I’ve read countless of blogs and watched over a dozen of YouTube videos (I’m gonna the links of my favorite blogs and youtubers below.) just to find the best cushion foundation there is . And so I came upon this list of cushion brands that I would LOVE TO TRY!

  1. Missha Magic Cushion (฿990+ ) – Who can resist these Cushion Cases?! They’re so freaking cute! Missha is a cosmetic company from South Korea.

missha-LINE-Friends-Magic-Cushion-Cover-det-3.jpg2. Innisfree Cushion (฿1300+) – This brand is also from Korea, it claims to be the first “natural brand” of cosmetics in Korea. What’s good about this cushion is that you can customize your cushion  case and its cushion refill. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this products from my favorite bloggers and vloggers, so I think I’ll be buying one of these soon!


3. Disney x Face Shop Cushion (฿1100+) – Face Shop is one of my favorite make-up stores, they also produce organic & eco friendly cosmetics and tools that are biologically good for us. Now, the Face Shop Cushions, From what I read, are also good for most skin types and longlasting. Gosh! Take a look at those CASES. So darn cute, isn’t it?cushions.jpg

4. Gudetama x Holika Holika Cushion (฿1100+) – Beside the fact that this cushion is the cutest thing you’ll ever see today. It also has good reviews!  So I can’t wait to get hold of this one.


5. Laneige CC Cushion (฿1500)  – This, for me is the HOLY GRAIL of all cushions. I think of all the reviews, this one  will have to be the “crowd favorite”. I love the chromy-holo looking case and its famous cushion puff. I’d never throw this baby away.

Laneige BB Cushion.jpg

Some of these cushions (except Laniege) are considered as “low-end” compared to other cushions made by  Hera, IOPE or Sulwhasoo. However, in cosmetics I believe that there’s “trial and error”, because seriously, you’ll have to try load of products to find out what’s best for your skin type. I can’t wait to have these cushions,  I gotta try them all!

How about you, what is your favorite cushion brand? Comment below!





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